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An inspiring laboratory workplace

The demand for sustainable and futureproof buildings is rising. Life science companies are in need for buildings that can provide them with the right combination of labs, offices and all types of facilities. NEXUS provides in those needs. It is a place where innovation, digitalization and the new way of working come together.

‘A new life sciences building that inspires’

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Laboratory for rent

    At NEXUS we are able to offer you the type of location you need to grow your life science business. We have workplace locations available which can have a laboratory of up to 60% of the lettable floor area. A perfect combination of labs and offices where people have the opportunity to do business, research and development.

    A space for your life science or biotech scale up

    NEXUS is part of the Leiden Bio Science Park. It contains the largest number of bioscience start-ups in the Netherlands and is the perfect location for further developing your scale-up. Leiden is a vibrant city with a rich history and a typical University city since 1575. Surrounded by major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, Leiden is primarily known for Europe’s most prominent Science Park. Leiden and it’s surroundings are popular and pleasant areas for employees to live.


    Life science buildings

    Life Science companies are growing and there is a need for innovative workplaces where bright minds can connect. The Leiden Bio Science Park is among the top 5 European Science Parks. It is the largest, fast growing and best-known for its life sciences clusters in The Netherlands.

    NEXUS, as part of the Bio Science Park, offers employees an unique and innovative place to work. Life science companies have different needs. The laboratories at NEXUS can be outfitted as ML -II lab classification, are equipped with 6-fold ventilation and the building has a type B climate class.

    Rent a lab space

    Connecting bright minds is the core of NEXUS. It is the place to be when you are working in life science, health or biotech. Connecting with others that are in the same business leads to collaborations, sharing knowledge and creating new, innovative ideas. The layout of the NEXUS building allows for meeting likeminded people in common areas, while at the same time provides an enclosed home for your business. With a total of approximately 9,000 m² lettable floor area (around 2,000 m² per floor), there are a lot of interesting companies and people to meet.

    Oranjepark | Meesters van Apeldoorn


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