NEXUS – labs & offices

Oranjepark | Meesters van Apeldoorn


  • Total of approximately 9,000 m² 
  • Approximately 2,000 m² per floor 
  • Multi-tenant options 
  • 118 parking spaces 
  • Bicycle parking with adjacent showers
  • Office / lab ratio is 1/3 - 2/3 
  • Central connecting atrium with lounge,  meeting spaces and outside terrace
  • Suitable for Life Science and Health companies, with a maximum of 50% office space 
  • The laboratories have the MLI and MLII classification. 
  • The laboratories are equipped with 6-fold ventilation
  • The climate will meet climate class B 
  • Divisibility per 3.6 m

Oranjepark | Meesters van Apeldoorn

The NEXUS building layout is simple, but effective. A number of 4 large floors is raised over an efficient car park, presen-ting a welcoming connecting atrium to employees and visitors. The building design is open and transparent, with lots of daylight and open spaces. This allows employees to work in natural daylight, one of the basics of a healthy building.

The atrium is the connecting heart of the building; the place where people can challenge and inspire each other. Everyone will enter the building here, before finding their way to their destination. Facilities such as the restaurant, lounge and meeting spaces are situated here as well. Thanks to various plants, the atrium will have a very green look & feel; the green environment of this part of the Leiden Bio Science Park will literally come inside.

Oranjepark | Meesters van Apeldoorn

1/3 – 2/3

The ratio between rentable
floor space for offices
and labs is 1/3 - 2/3

Each floor consists of office space, laboratories and facilities. For each floor, the facilities are positioned near the cascade stairs, in the middle of the floor. Technical risers are optimally placed. Storage, goods elevator, passenger elevator and other facilities have a central location. This allows for a virtually limitless number of possible layouts. The north wing offers space for laboratories and the south wing for office space. The office / lab ratio is 1/3 - 2/3.

Both the offices and the laboratories have a divisibility of 3.6 meters. The offices have a floor span of 12 meters. The laboratories have a wide floor span of 20 meters, which makes it easy to realize spacious labs with an intermediate corridor.

The building will be equipped with technical solutions that provide an optimal climate for both offices and laboratories, with minimal use of energy sources. For example, the building uses the unique traits of Dutch soil to store thermal energy throughout the year. Allowing to harvest cold in the summer and heat in the winter for controlling the building’s temperature.

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